Meet Little James

18 Oct

This photo shoot was a while coming together due to conflicting schedules and weather, but it finally happened and are we ever happy it did! Little James was an absolute pleasure to work with. Curious and full of big happy grins,  James has got to be one of the most pleasant children we’ve ever met.

When we met at the park, Sara and Rick let James go and that was all there was to it. From the moment his feet hit the grass until the shoot was over, he was moving. Seriously, the first twenty-five minutes he literally didn’t stop running. Well, he’d take a tumble from time to time, but the moment he recovered he was off to the races again! It was amazing! But with two cameras we had him covered. And if we bothered him he didn’t show it. He treated us like a couple of extra playmates instead of two strangers poking cameras in his face. Really cool little guy.

Sara and Rick, thanks for sharing the day with us. We think you guys are pretty cool too. 🙂

Ledrew_JamesLeDrew_James_IILedrew_James IVLeDrew_James_VI









One Response to “Meet Little James”

  1. Sara October 20, 2009 at 5:13 pm #

    We cannot stop looking at all of our pictures. We couldn’t be more happy with the work that you both did and the energy you put in chasing James all over the park! I have a feeling you are going to quickly become very busy photographers!!! Thank you again.

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