Engagement – Kenny & Caroline

28 Oct

Kenny and Caroline recently got engaged. Since they didn’t really have any pictures of themselves together, and since they currently live in different provinces, when Caroline came for a visit they thought it a good idea to contact us to book a photo shoot. We thought it was a pretty good idea, too. We realized this relationship was pretty special after we met Kenny and Caroline and got to know each other over coffee while we waited for the rain to pass. Time was short as Caroline only had a day or two left before she left town, so putting the shoot off wasn’t the best option.

As we waited for the clouds to pass and the rain to stop, Kenny and Caroline told us some of their story. I can’t go into too much detail here, but I will tell you that when Kenny and Caroline first met, they had some communication issues. Caroline is French and didn’t  speak  English, and  Kenny didn’t speak any French. You can probably imagine the hilarity that could ( and did ) arise from such a situation, but the following was the best part. On their first date, they communicated through an English-French dictionary. How cool is that!?  It speaks volumes about  how they feel about each other, and it’s a great example of the rewards available to all of us when we overcome life’s little obstacles.

Caroling&Kenny Single9Caroline&Kenny Single5Caroling&Kenny Single2

Caroling&Kenny Single7

Caroline&Kenny Single1Caroling&Kenny Single20Caroling&Kenny Single11Caroling&Kenny Single15Caroling&Kenny Single12Caroline&Kenny Single17Caroling&Kenny Single18Caroling&Kenny Single25Caroling&Kenny Single22Caroline&Kenny Single27


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