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Family – Corkum

30 Nov

Ok, so this photo session embraces a mixture of seasons -fall with a hint of winter. A hint of winter as in a frozen waterfall! The scenic falls are now frozen, and this only adds to the magic of this location. While we often take our new dog Dexter (post yet to come) for walks in this area and to take in the fresh air and enjoy a little nature, we were really, really happy Jon, Dawn and Reilly  could join us.

It was such a nice day.  The sun came out, the Corkum family were really relaxed and nice, and ready for some picture taking, their dog was super cute… there’s a Frozen Waterfall!! All in all, a fully successful day. We hope you like the photos.

And Reilly, we think  your name is awesome. Love it!


Alyward Family

21 Nov

Happy Valley-Goose Bay is covered in a blanket of snow, and this time it seems like it’s here to stay.  Before we get on with some wonderful winter images, we still have to get to a few sessions that took place at the end of Fall. Next up….  the Alyward Family.

Thanks for being so relaxed and easy going. It was really nice meeting you all, and we hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Brown-Hopkins Family

15 Nov

With the way the weather has been the last little while, we consider ourselves really lucky to be able to  squeeze in a few more Fall photo sessions. The snow is holding off (except for that weekend in late October when we got smothered – but it’s gone now) and we can still take advantage of those yellows, reds, and oranges.  The following are a few photos from our shoot with the Brown-Hopkins Family.

P.S. The weather this day was waaay colder than it looks in these photos. Thanks to everyone for braving the wind and for having fun with us.

Misty Brown Single1

Misty Brown Single2

Misty Brown Single3

Misty Brown Single5

Misty Brown Single20Misty Brown Single8

Misty Brown Single9

Misty Brown Single10

Misty Brown Single11

Misty Brown Single12

Misty Brown Single14

Misty Brown Single16

Misty Brown Single19