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Family – Blackwood

29 Dec

A little while before Christmas, we had the oppourtunity to do a shoot with the Blackwood family.  It was our first Christmas theme shoot and we had a blast. Somewhere in the middle of the shoot,  Dad took the oppourtunity to dress his little girl in some Canadian hockey colours.

You KNOW the Blackwood family had fun this Christmas. How could they not, when they have a one year old this cute!?


Merry Christmas!!!

25 Dec

We’d like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and all the best in the New Year!  Below are some photos of our pets, Penny, Molly Moo-Bear and the newest addition, Dexter. They wish everyone seasons greetings as well.

Dexter in his new Christmas Pajamas.

Penny on Christmas morning.


Molly, waiting for her turn at the Christmas Catnip.

Dexter ignored his pride for this picture. Good boy.

Merry Christmas!!

Engagement – Brett & Cassandra

3 Dec

Brett and Cassandra are friends of ours who got engaged months ago but elected to wait until the fall season to take advantage of the colors. Like most people, they were nervous at the beginning of the session and gradually warmed up to the idea of having a couple cameras poked into their face while being told to “act natural” and “pretend we’re not even here” – Click! Click! Click! And like most people, in the end they looked back and realized it really wasn’t all that bad. Heck, at times it was pretty fun!

And after a while they got as into it as we did. We can take pictures for the better part of the day and consider it time well spent (because it is), stopping only because of time constraints, bathroom breaks, or for nourishment.  When you’re on the other side of the camera, smiling and being happy, time seems a little longer. This is all fully understandable, of course. Brett and Cassandra, however, said something to the effect of: “This is not so bad. We can do this all day!”

Great! Because we hit a lot of locations, got some really cool pictures and even found a really awesome place with an old rusted car in the middle of the woods. And as a bonus, most of the wicked blue paint was still on it (they don’t build them like they used to). It has probably been there somewhere between 20-30 years because there is not sign of how it got in there. All the trees are grown up around it leaving no trace.

Anyway, have a look-see below at some of the photos captured on that day. I believe in the end, we’ll be delivering some 300 + photographs to Brett and Cassandra. I hope you both enjoy everyone.