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Family Sneak Peek – Jenkinson

28 Mar

I just couldn’t wait to get home from this session today to start some editing! The relaxed atmosphere, laughter and cute little smiles made our day. It really was a pleasure to shoot some photos for this family.

Usually we don’t get photos up this quick, but because I was so eager to get at it, and we recently discussed how our customers might enjoy a quick little look asap rather than waiting a couple weeks, so here is our first “sneak peek”. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue this process for our future sessions.



9 Mar

We took some photos of our nephew and his friends on their snow machines a while back and figured we’d post some here. They turned out pretty good and it was a blast. It was a freezing (absolutely FREEZING) day out, and the wind was blowing, but the sunshine made for some nice images.

Drop back again sometime to check out our blog. We’ve got some shoots lined up over the next couple weeks that you might want to have a peek at.