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Baby Bumps – Spearing

29 Jul

Sondra  and Carlos were the most patient and tolerant clients ever! At our first location, we had to walk through the woods, and down a bunch of flights of stairs and when we got there, it started raining. We hiked it back to the vehicles for shelter and when the rain held up, we ventured back down again. And then it rained again! And then the mosquitoes and flies came out. Then this dog who was swimming in the lake, decided he wanted to be in the photos too! He was friendly and cute, but sprayed everyone with water when he shook off his fur. Needless to say, it was a rough start.  

Luckily, the photos at the next couple locations went without any problems. We even managed to get their own puppy in a few photos, which was great because he’s so adorable. There are a few photos of him listening to Sondra’s belly. Cute. We finished the shoot in the heat of the sun, relaxed and feeling pretty good about the day overall.

Sondra and Carlos, thank you for going through it all. Thank you for being so wonderful. We had a great time meeting and working with you.  



Family – March + One

26 Jul

The following photos are of the March family + one.  The plus one is Tegan’s boyfriend, Cody (we squeezed in a little time just for those two as well). Paula contacted us through our blog the first week of June. Since then we’ve been trying to find a time (and proper weather – very important in these parts) that would allows us all to get together. Last week, the stars lined up and everything fell into place.

It was really nice meeting, and photographing you all.


Family – Hanrahan-Miller

23 Jul

We’ve been having a wet spring and summer so far this year and we were lucky enough to finish our photo shoot with the Hanrahan-Millers about 20 minutes before it started to downpour. It was a really nice time photographing this family of five ( two furry members included) and as you can tell, the princess of the family had a pretty good time jumping around and being her cute self (and how could she not be happy- how many kids do you know have a Cadillac?). Not only that, but she helped to set up her parents for some of the photos, asking them to stand like this, put your arm here, …now you’re hand on your hip. Then she’d stand back and look them over. Hilarious. And she was good!! If we’re ever in the need of a fashion/art director, she’ll be our first call.

Thank you  for choosing us to shoot your lovely family.