Archive | September, 2010

Wedding – Stephanie & Travis

28 Sep

We felt so fortunate to be a part of this beautiful day, and to be able to capture some special moments. It was the perfect celebration, everything from the beautiful dress, great senses of humor, awesome families, special details, moving speeches….I could go on and on about how every moment of this wedding was truely touching but yet so fun! It was an awesome way to spend our day. We take so much joy out of having the opportunity to photograph a wedding, I think my cheeks hurt at the end of the night from smiling so much! Thank you two for being such great troopers, you both made our jobs so much easier! We wish you guys nothing but the best!




Family – Brown

27 Sep

 We met Emerson and her family on her 5th Birthday, after her mom, Melanie contacted us to do a photo shoot. She’s a  little cutie with seemingly unlimited energy and a great smile. We spent most of the shoot chasing her around the locations we shot in, and the whole experience reminded us of what it was like to be a kid again, where imagination and curiousity ruled, and where every path could lead you to a possible adventure.

It was a lot of fun to both capture and get lost in the moment at the same time. Melanie, thank you for asking us to share in this special day, and to spend time with your family.


Family – Abbass

22 Sep

It was a windy, rainy day and we thought for sure this photo shoot wouldn’t happen. We were out earlier in the day after the rain had stopped, and the wind was still lifting and blowing sand through the air, the effects of which felt akin to what a sand blaster would feel like against your face and legs – it wasn’t pretty.

We called Philomena and discussed the situation a little. This day was the last chance for the next while  the family could all be together. We decided to wait a little. We checked the weather situation about an hour before the shoot was scheduled and although it was still windy, the sun came out and the blowing sand situation wasn’t nearly as bad as before. We decided to take a chance. The following photos are the result.

Before getting to the  photos though, we have to tell you that not only is this family a wonderful looking bunch of people, they were also a really nice group of people. Like, really, really nice. It was a  joy to work with the Abbass family, to see and photograph them together, and to witness how close they are to one another. Philomena, we are so happy we were able to get together with you and your family, thank you for contacting us. It was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy the photos of your family.