Wedding – Leila & Tony

8 Oct

This wedding had it all… the cutest kids, beautiful flowers, stunning dresses, hot shoes, energetic guests, awesome families, and people who loved to dance! Dancing and smiling definately runs in these two families. The more weddings we shoot the more I realize how amazing each and everyone is. They each had their unique and beautiful details, and this one certainly didn’t miss out!  You guys made us laugh the whole day (and shed a few happy tears), and the energy and enthusiasm for the shoots was nothing short of what we could have asked for. The day provided us with such an excellent mix of emotions: laughter and fun, mixed with just the right amount of romance. And when I say the right amount of romance, I mean you two made it totally clear the huge amount of love you share. Thank you guys for inviting us to capture your special day.


One Response to “Wedding – Leila & Tony”

  1. travellinginfinity October 9, 2010 at 7:33 pm #

    I love these pictures, guys. I know Tony and Leila well, and they’re wonderful people. So glad they got such great photographers for their special day.

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