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New Blog & Updates!

5 Apr

It’s been a while since we’ve made an entry on this blog, as we temporarily closed our doors during the winter months this year to reassess and upgrade our business plans. As of right now, we are taking bookings again for the 2011 season and we’re really excited to start shooting again, beginning around the middle of  April. We absolutely can’t wait to start meeting and working with new and past clients over the coming year, and we’re confident we’ll provide an even better product and service than last year.

The changes we made over the winter include everything from our pricing structure, to equipment upgrades,  to creating a new home for our photography – Our New Blog! –  and everything in between. Please, check out our new blog and let us know what you think. All of our new work will be posted there from now onward, as well as some highlights from 2010 which are already there.

As mentioned, we’ve changed our pricing structure in order to continue to bring you a wonderful, high quality product. As a special offer, the first five Lifestyle bookings we take this year will receive last year’s rates. So book soon! The early bird gets the worm!

We’d also like to thank everyone for their encouragement and interest in what we do, even during our short hiatus this winter. It’s a great feeling to know that people love what we do, because we love to do it! It also serves as motivation for us to continue providing a pleasant and fun experience, while capturing the special moments in your lives in our own special way.

If you have inquiries or would like to book us for your Wedding or Lifestyle photography needs, email us at: or



9 Mar

We took some photos of our nephew and his friends on their snow machines a while back and figured we’d post some here. They turned out pretty good and it was a blast. It was a freezing (absolutely FREEZING) day out, and the wind was blowing, but the sunshine made for some nice images.

Drop back again sometime to check out our blog. We’ve got some shoots lined up over the next couple weeks that you might want to have a peek at.


30 Jan

Hello all! It’s been a while since we last posted some photos. Apparently, while life is beautiful, it is also very busy. We will be posting some new pages on our blog in the coming week or so. The pages will contain our new pricing, and the wedding packages we’ll be offering for the coming year. Speaking of weddings, we’ve booked a number of weddings for the spring, summer and fall of 2010 already and still have dates open. So if you are getting married this year (or know someone who is), and you are looking for wedding photographers, send us an email  at We’ll have a chat and see if we’re a fit for each other.

Below are some photos we took on a trip to Lab City over the Christmas holidays. Generally speaking, we’re not nature photographers. Our focus is usually on people. We like people. However, when you take a trip over the Labrador highway and you have to stop a bunch of times because Caribou are blocking  your passage, well… they’re just asking to have their picture taken, aren’t they? So here are some of the pictures from that trip.