Little Ones – Lucas & Family

5 Dec

Jodi contacted us to photograph her son, Lucas and the family. We had the idea of taking some photos with a crisp, snowy, winter back drop. We all arrived on location, and we lasted about three minutes. It was absolutely freezing! We went back to Jodi and Dennis’s house to continue the shoot, and had a really fun time. On top of this being a great family to work with, it turned out Lucas had some awesome toys and keep us all entertained. 🙂

Hope you all enjoy the photos!


Family – Ryland

5 Dec

Here are some photos from a shoot we had with the Ryland family. Patti and Kirby, thank you for asking us to photography your family (plus a friend). It was a good time, and really nice meeting you all. The boys in particular provided some good entertainment, and allowed us to have even more  fun.

Thanks again!


Itsy Bitsy Ones – Reid & Family

19 Nov

We were really excited when Francine contacted us to photograph the newest member of their family, Reid.  You might remember Francine and Joey from back in April when we got together to do a Baby Bumps photo shoot.  It was a ton of fun to photograph them then, and it was even more fun this time round now that Reid can participate. This little boy was an absolute angel. We loved taking these photos, not just because Reid is absolutely gorgeous and really well behaved, but because he seemed to know exactly what was going on. It was like he was performing for us.

The shoot started off at Francine and Joey’s home, and continued outside and to the Grandparent’s home. Some of those photos are priceless! There is one of Reid and his Grandpa that is soo cute!! We then continued outside  to a set of swings that Francine owned as a little girl. Now, how cool is that for location and signifigance? We had a really great time capturing these precious moments.

Thank you, Francine and Joey, for asking us to photograph another special time in your lives.